About Me

A little background on Tom Nixon and “the nix fix” blog…

I started my career as a long-haired, good-for-nothing musician in a local alt-rock band known as Jes Gru. Than these blokes, I’ve never had better friends…nor better times.

But times change. And people, if they’re smart, change with them. Far be it for me to reckon myself smart, but I confess to changing, and adapting, and growing up.

I work at Identity Marketing & Public Relations. My day job. Everything I learned while grinding my bass-playing fingers to their nubs would eventually be applied as lessons learned in the marketing profession. Advertising, publicity, social media, branding, image-making, constituent-relations…it was all there. I just never realized until someone was willing to pay me to do for them what I was trying so hard to do for myself as a starving musician.

Which is why you’ll see me here mixing my passions: music, marketing, media…as well as other non-m topics such as humor, politics and the occasional foray into potpourri and feng shui. I have an obsession with dogs, and specifically the Vizsla breed. Do get one before you leave this good Earth.

My family is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Beautiful and brilliant wife, an incredibly talented son, and a miracle baby, my daughter, who by all rights should have never been…but fate smiled on me, and I’ve been smiling back ever since.

One final question you might have: “What’s with tnixon16?” The number 16 has always been my lucky number. If you’re ever trying to track me down online, chances are tnixon16 is my handle.

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