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Why Doesn’t American Idol Give Back Anymore?

It’s an honest question, to which I legitimately don’t know the answer.

For a couple of years, American Idol Gives Back was one of the most successful fund-raising initiatives that I am aware of, raising millions upon millions of dollars for worthy causes domestic and foreign. Then this year, they announced they weren’t doing it anymore, and I never heard an explanation as to why.

Did they solve all of the world’s problems already? Does American Idol no longer Care? Was it a network decision, or the show’s? Did they feel like they shouldn’t be asking for our money anymore in these difficult economic times? (Could they have given us that choice?) Were they hoping we’d save all of our ill-gotten gains for the network’s green initiative? Was it a ratings loser the second time around? Could they no longer book the A-list of celebs?

Because, you see, having the answer to those questions might prevent me from thinking that the first two times around were, you know, all about American Idol and less about the Gives Back part. If it was so worthwhile then—and it was—why is it no longer worthwhile now? Did it get old, American Idol? Did it get old helping the starving and dying in Africa? Did it get old working to prevent the spread of malaria? Are we over it? Are you?

Forgive me for looking back with resentment upon all of the preaching that was foisted upon us by not only your show’s stars but the celebutantes that were quick to mug in front of the camera to wax philanthropic. You guilted us into caring then, but you yourselves stopped caring scant moments after our first shipment of mosquito nets found their ways to the children in Africa. Sure, you were sure this year to take pride in (and brag about) your past achievements, but you never mentioned why the program stopped. I can only assume that the decision was more about you and less about them, and for that, I stand here a cynical man.

If anyone can correct me on this, or has the whole story, I’d love to hear it. Until then, I shall plan to smite Paula Abdul with a pressed white glove and demand recompense.