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Re: Pistons Predictions

Go back and read this post about my predictions for the upcoming Pistons season.

Now read this article, an account of their most recent preseason game.

I know preseason games amount to less than zero, but the similarities are uncanny!


Pistons Predictions

The last prediction I made in this space about the Pistons was that they would take one of two games on the road in an opening round playoff series against the Cavaliers. FAIL. Not only did they NOT take one in Cleveland, they got blown out in four straight games. So obviously I have earned the right to be regarded as a Pistons prognosticator…here goes:

New Look Pistons Basketball

The Pistons will win 47 games, good enough for the 7th seed in next year’s Eastern Conference playoffs.

This team will be fun to watch at times, and maddening to endure at others.

The up-tempo offense will score big against bad teams. But their lack of defense will be exposed against the upper echelon teams.

Villanueva will be a pleasant surprise to those who have not followed his game and development in his early NBA career.

Wilcox will take the mantle from Sheed and lead the team in technical and flagrant fouls. At the same time, he will provide sorely needed toughness on a team replete with finesse players.

I will be calling for a Rip Hamilton trade by week two, as it will be clear he can co-exist with Gordon no better than he did with Iverson. Their games will be mutually exclusive and we’ll be wondering how we can keep both players, and keep both players happy…or why we need them both.

Stuckey will convince us once and for all he is not a starting point guard in this league.

Tayshaun will start the season relatively strong, then fade after the All Star break. (I know, that’s going out on a limb.)

Will Bynum will dazzle, but we won’t be able to find the minutes for him.

Austin Daye will be this year’s Darko, and DaJuan Summers will be this year’s Ben Wallace / Jason Maxiell. Stud. (But too small.)

Gordon got game. (Offensively, at least.)

They will be better than most people (and “experts”) expect, but it will not be good enough to make any significant noise in the East, or the Central division.

I will once again be grateful that I forfeited my season tickets two years ago and got while the gettin’ was good.

Detroit Pistons to Shock the World!

Well, not really. But here is my humble prediction: The Detroit Pistons will steal one of the first two games in Cleveland. Yes, those Detroit Pistons, who, 82 games into the season, still have yet to find an identity. And, yes, those Cleveland Cavaliers, who fell just one game short of tying the all-time record for home wins in a season.

Hey, that’s why they call them bold predictions!