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Grading the Detroit Lions Draft

If I had to offer my grade on the Lions draft this weekend, I would first question if there was something lower than an F, then I’d settle on F-.

My draft prep card would’ve listed a handful of positions that did NOT need to be addressed in this draft. That list would include QB, WR, TE, Safety. The list of DO ADDRESS would include offensive line, middle linebacker, defensive line and cornerback.

You don’t even need to do a Google search to figure out what the Lions did. Pathetic. Once again, they go for the sexy, can’t-miss pick in Stafford…who will miss. I don’t see how any of their top five picks makes any sort of impact next year. Most won’t see the field during meaningful game situations. Meanwhile, they leave Curry on the table, an interior linebacker from USC who dropped to them twice, and a block-out-the-sun defensive tackle…not to mention scores of other impact players that would’ve gotten on the field next year and made a difference.

But this? I can make no sense of it. Can we possibly do WORSE than 0-16?