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The Comcast Conundrum

Can you think of another company that has the best product in its category but is so reviled by its customer base (and potential customer base) that it’s also an industry whipping post?

I was watching T.V. last night, only to come upon a commercial in which I learned that Comcast “guarantees” the best service in the industry. My wife turns to me and replies, “Or what?”

Yes indeed. Or what? What if I find Comcast’s LACK of customer service so off-putting, so inept, so comical that I would literally step over my own mother to get to a new provider? (Oh, right — I can’t get WOW where I live, Uverse isn’t available “yet,” and I can’t get HD satellite in my neighborhood.) Who do I complain to? And what do I receive as recompense?

Well, about a year ago, I found out. In a progressive approach, the likes of which have been heretofore unseen since Gunga clubbed Mosha over the head in a rite of romantic foreplay, Comcast reached out to me via Twitter, having learned of my dissatisfaction in that very medium. Wow. So 21st-century. What came of that, you ask? Well, I was routed into customer-service hell, where I was placed on hold for 15 minutes—twice—and disconnected from my call—twice—only to be hung up on with no resolution to my issue.

SO…where do I go now to redeem my Comcast guarantee, pray tell? If anyone learns of what I’m owed, please let me know. Comcast can get in line behind the Nigerian prince who is ironing out some probate work for me as we speak.

The ironic thing is this: Shop around…I still think Comcast has the best product. The most channels, the best On-Demand, a decent DVR system. But you will be hard pressed to find anyone willing to utter the words “I love Comcast.” Go ahead. Try and find someone.

How hard can it be to serve the customer the way they want to be served? Comcast is now pretending to devote significant effort and resources to this. I hope they get it right. But the sadistic side of me hopes someone comes in and builds the better mousetrap before Comcast gets the chance. I mean, they’ve only been at this 20 years or so.

RELATED: And if you like Comcast, you’re going to love government-run health care. Bigger and badder than Comcast, the U.S. government is now going to “guarantee” us all sorts of goodies. But to whom do we turn/complain if we’re not getting the service we feel we deserve? I guess the same place we go when the U.S. Postal Service loses our important two-day package some three days after the promised delivery date. The Department of SOL.


Congratulations, America

We just became Europe.

“We believe that the tax will cost us somewhere between $5 million and $10 million a year,” says Richard Packer, Zoll’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Our profit in 2009 was $9.5 million.”

That would be a devastating blow. Zoll employs about 1,800 people. Roughly 1,600 of them are in the United States, and about 650 of those are in Massachusetts. Once the new tax kicks in, that could all change. “We can’t run this company at a break-even or a negative rate,” says Packer, “so we will be forced to look at alternatives.”

The company’s first option is to pass the increase on to customers like hospitals and ambulance companies. That might or might not work, given that they are coming under increasing pressure to cut their own costs.

The next option is to cut research and development — a short-term, money-saving move that will surely cost Zoll down the road. And a third option, says Packer, is to “look at trying to shift jobs to lower-cost places around the world.” That would be bad news for Massachusetts and the USA.

National Healthcare

I give you: the faces of government-run healthcare:

Many more examples at the link.