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Restroom Poets, Part IV

Mild content warning, so I’m putting the pictorial evidence after the jump.

“In the 20’s”

The roaring 20s, the era?

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Restroom Poets, III

Reader John sends us this submission, apropos my love (disdain) for bathroom graffiti:

Free! Gucci

Not once….not twice….but thrice — all in the same restroom!

(also, “King Z!”)

I’ve been considering all possible explanations:

1.) Someone is offering Gucci wares and apparel at no cost, but only in this particular restroom.

2.) Someone is a liberal activist who is publicly exposing the unfair political imprisonment of one Mr. Gucci.

3.) It’s a complete non-sequitur.

4.) Someone has a really cool band name, and is NOT afraid to share it!

5.) This represents the nonsensical ramblings of a mad man.

What say you?

Restroom Poets II – Out with Gout

Just U.S. …European is okay.

This was a lot funnier before I noticed the apostrophe above the V, which I thought was a U. I thought this guy was railing against domestic gout.

Not that I see what he’s saying, it’s less pathetic, but also less poignant.

Restroom Poets

I’ve been contemplating starting a separate blog, along the lines of You Suck at Craig’s List or LOL Cats, called “Restroom Poets.”

This, of course, would be a clearinghouse for all of the wonderfully inane and idiotic passages that people actually take good time out of their days to etch into bathroom wall stalls. Stuff that makes no sense, makes no statement and makes no one laugh, except the dolt who penned it. Am I alone in finding humor in how miserably unfunny or pointless much of the bathroom graffiti is?


But I’ve started capturing some of the work I come across of our planet’s Laureate Restroom Poets. Here’s a start, but only a start. This was all found at Marge’s Bar & Grill in Grosse Pointe. I continue my quest, and I ask anyone who cares to submit their examples to me via this blog. If it gains steam, I just may spin it off to either a Twitter stream or blog of its own.

For example:

Just Dirty Enough to Be Funny, but Why, Exactly?



These aren’t the best I’ve seen of all time, but you get the gist. In short: What possesses these morons?

More to come….I HOPE….