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Two Words: Dogs Rule! (an ongoing series)



This, just in time for tomorrow’s much-anticipated match. If this doesn’t convince you that soccer is a BFD, even in America, nothing will:

How Cool I Can Be

…if only in the eyes of my children:

Palindromatic Video? “Lost Generation”

Yep, it’s possible.

Nope, not “Palin dramatic” video, though this is a bit dramatic for me. But it’s a nice piece of film, in the sense of its cleverness-ousity:

For the learning impaired, a palindrome is that which reads the same backward as it does forward. Though this isn’t technically true of this video, the term palindramatic was too good not to coin.

My Wife’s Ride

…is a Swagger Wagon. We’re so gangsta.

My Favoritest

Please, Courtney Cox. Tell Me What to Think!!!

Tired of under-educated Hollywood types preaching to you about how you should live your life, what you should think, and urging you to join the enlightened elite?

Then this parody video is for you!